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9th Bombardment Group (VH)

(1st, 5th, and 99th Squadrons)

A B-29 Superfortress Unit
in World War II


This web site and a related CD were created in 2001, as part of a final project of the 9th Bombardment Group (VH) as an Association, to provide the history of the group, and its 1st, 5th, and 99th Squadrons, to a wide audience.

The group consisted of 2200 men and 45 B-29 Superfortresses. It was based on Tinian in the Marianas Islands in the Western Pacific, during the last 7 months of World War II. It participated in the strategic air offensive against Japan, which was a major factor in the Japanese surrender in 1945.

This group was one of the 5 groups of the 313th Wing and one of the 21 groups of the 5 Wings of the XXI Bomber Command/20th Air Force of the U.S. Army Air Forces based on Tinian, Saipan, and Guam.The history book of 363 pages on which this web site and the CD are based was written by members of the group and published in 1995; it is out of print.

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The B-29 Strategic Air Campaign Against Japan